Related Papers

This section presents a number of related papers to which members of Geneva have contributed significant parts

  •  "Simulated Worlds: Relaying HPC knowledge at secondary schools"; Dr. Rüdiger Berlich, together with Thomas Gärtner, Jörg Hilpert, Peter Lürßen and Leticia Wilke; "Proceedings of Science (ISGC 2013)"
  • "Protein Structure Prediction using Particle Swarm Optimization and a Distributed Parallel Approach"; Proceedings of the 3rd workshop on biologically inspired algorithms for distributed systems, ACM, pp. 35-42; Dr. Rüdiger Berlich, together with Dr. Ivan Kondov (main author)
  • "Distributed Parametric Optimization with the Geneva Library"; Dr. Rüdiger Berlich, together with Dr. Marcel Kunze, Dr. Sven Gabriel and Dr. Ariel Garcia; In "Data Driven e-Science"; Conference proceedings of ISGC 2010; Springer; Simon C. Lin and Eric Yen (editors); ISBN   978-1-4419-8013-7; p.303 ff.