10.03.15 18:00 Age: 4 yrs
    By: A. Garcia

    Geneva 1.6 released

    Version 1.6 of the Geneva optimization library (dubbed "Ivrea") is now available for download!

    The main novelty of this release is the support for natively compiling Geneva under MS Windows with the Visual C++ compiler. Both static and dynamic linking libraries can be generated. This port should still be considered 'experimental', please report any issues you come across using the Geneva bugtracker.

    It is important to notice that Geneva now explicitely requires the Boost::unit_test_framework and the Boost::random components of Boost. You will need to install these additional components if your Boost installation is not a full one.

    Furthermore, step sizes in Geneva's gradient descent implementation are now given in permille of the allowed or expected value range of the parameters. Please remember to adjust or recreate your "GGradientDescent.json" configuration files to account for the new values.

    A breaking change to note is now the need to explicity initialize Geneva using the GenevaInitializer class if you instantiate optimization algorithms directly rather than through the Go2-class. See 06_GDirectEA for an example of how this is done.

    Some more changes are described in the Changelog.

    Updated Geneva binary packages are available for several Linux distributions, although they should still be considered "experimental". Please follow the (very simple) installation instructions on the download page.