20.04.15 12:00 Age: 5 yrs
    By: A. Garcia

    Geneva 1.6.1 released

    Version 1.6.1 of the Geneva optimization library (dubbed "Ivrea - Via Arduino") is now available for download!

    All the changes in this release keep backwards-compatibility. The GThreadPool class was reworked to start the threads first upon task submission, so default-constructed (unused) pools do not start a plethora of idle threads anymore. The GRandomFactory/GRandomT-combo was also reworked for reduced overhead, in particular "unused" random numbers are now recycled and given back to the random factory. Furthermore, random numbers are now distributed to parameter objects and adaptors via thread local storage.

    It is important to notice that Geneva now explicitely requires the Boost::atomic component of Boost. You will need to install this additional component if your Boost installation is not a full one. Moreover, the minimal Boost version required for compiling Geneva is now v1.53.

    Some more changes are described in the Changelog.

    Updated Geneva binary packages are available for several Linux distributions, although they should still be considered "experimental". Please follow the (very simple) installation instructions on the download page.