13.08.16 18:00 Age: 5 yrs
    By: A. Garcia

    Geneva 1.8 released

    Version 1.8 of the Geneva optimization library (dubbed "Torino") is now available for download!

    Please note that this release now requires a C++14-standard capable compiler for building! Support for C++ standards prior to C++14 was dropped. Several features previously provided by Boost components are now based on standard C++ (C++14) functionality. In particular, boost::bind was replaced with std::bind or C++11 lambda expressions, boost::shared_ptr was replaced with std::shared_ptr, and std::thread, std::chrono, C++14 atomics and std::array are used instead of their Boost counterparts.

    It is important to notice that the minimal Boost version required for compiling Geneva is now v1.57, and at least version 3.1 of CMake is also necessary. The Boost components boost::date_time, boost::thread, and boost::random are not required anymore since they have been replaced with C++14 features.

    Please read the Changelog for more details and further changes.