Gemfony scientific intends to distribute most of its software products as open source, under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3. You can download the source code using either the stable releases tarballs or directly from the development repositories.

Geneva source code

The source code of the Geneva Library is maintained in Launchpad's Bazaar repository. To check the HEAD version out just run:

bzr checkout lp:geneva

If you want to download the latest stable release, you can get the full tarball from the Launchpad download area:

Geneva binary packages

We now have binary packages available for several popular Linux distributions.

To get and install the binary package please visit the Geneva page in the OpenSUSE Build Service and follow the corresponding installation instructions for your distribution:

Please note that binary packages are built from the release tarball, and therefore they may be available with a few days delay after the source code release.

Collaboration platform

The Geneva Library is maintained in the Launchpad software collaboration platform. The project page is:


All available documentation regarding software usage and installation can be found in our Download area.