Press contacts welcome

The Gemfony scientific team welcomes press contacts. Please do let us know if you wish to report about our products or our mission. Apart from our main topics - parametric optimization procedures - we'd also be delighted to discuss issues such as open source business models, High Performance Computing and Computer Security with you. Please also let us know if you wish to be informed about new developments. Further information on our products, the company and our work is also available in the help section.

For some more information on the topics we cover we suggest a look at the "News", "Articles", "Talks" and "Papers" section on the left side.

A comprehensive introduction to the topic of optimization can be found in one of our articles: "Das Beste zum Schluss" (in German language). PLEASE NOTE: This article is provided here with kind permission from iX (Magazin für Professionelle Datentechnik). Please contact iX for questions relating to the usage of the article!